Spectacle Lenses

At Roger Fisher Opticians we specialise in Rodenstock Lenses. These are high quality German engineered lenses for any requirement. They are always the best quality and manufactured from the best materials – plastic or glass, depending on your individual requirement. This guarantees you the greatest possible visual comfort.

We offer individualised tailored lenses, both for Single vision lenses and Varifocals. Rodenstock Perfection lenses are individualised products and exploit the patient’s full vision potential. This is for spectacles wearers who want the most innovative and high-performance product in the market.

We use specialised equipment such as ‘The ImpressionIST® 3’. This is not only a high-tech consulting and 3D video centering system with which we offer patient’s a completely new dispensing experience. It is also an important component in the RODENSTOCK ‘System of Better Vision’. This is because through its precision measurement, it is possible to manufacture spectacles that are highly individual.

We are able to calculate the exact thickness of your lenses before ordering your spectacles. This ensures that only the best lenses for your specific prescription and frame measurements are chosen.

As we are an independent practice we also offer other spectacle lenses such as Essilor and Zeiss lenses.

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