Discover the B.I.G. Vision™ experience

B.I.G. Vision™ from Rodenstock creates a paradigm shift in progressive lenses by recognising the unique shape and size of each of your eyes.

By producing lenses based on your individual eye’s measurements, their glasses are constructed to ensure you enjoy the sharpest possible vision.

Rodenstock determine the biometrics of the whole eye – far beyond industry standards. These data points are integrated directly into each of your new lenses, in a construction process that results in lenses that are accurate to the micrometre. This enables them to precisely hit the sharp vision centre for each of your eyes and provide you with the sharpest vision at all angles, no matter where you look.

These lenses are named B.I.G.

Rodenstock Glasses

Every eye is different

A narrow mind-set has controlled the world of progressive lenses for far too long. A mind- set committed to limited eye measurements. Of one-sided focus attention. To too little understanding of the role of the brain.

This narrow mind-set has focused on understanding the eye just from the limited perspective of a standardised eye model, and not from an understanding of individual eyes. This mind-set has left 98% of people in the world who wear progressive lenses with glasses that don’t fit their eyes precisely.

The shape and length of your eyes are as individual as you are, just as the location of the sharp vision centre varies from person to person. This means that to ensure sharp vision, you need to be able to create lenses using precise data about each eye. However today, almost all progressive lenses are created using the same standard eye model.

Six steps to the B.I.G. Vision™ experience

DNEye® Scanner

The optician uses the DNEye® Scanner to determine the dimensions of your eyes.

Measuring eye parameters

Your eye parameters are measured to create an exact representation to be used in the manufacturing process.

Calculating measurements of individual eyes

The optician sends the data to Rodenstock, where our patented calculations are used to create a biometric data set.

Constructing the biometric eye model

This data is used to produce a precise biometric model of each of your eyes.

Digital transfer of data to lens

The models of your eyes are used in the lens calculation which is then transferred to the lens during production. Each lens is customised according to the biometric parameters.

Biometric Intelligent Glasses

Just a few days after your initial consultation, you receive your new glasses integrated with biometric intelligence.

Welcome To Roger Fisher Opticians

We are open as normal for Routine and Urgent eyecare, with your safety taking priority. We understand you may feel apprehensive coming to the practice, so we have made a few changes to our procedures to ensure your safety. Here is a summary of what to expect.

- You will receive a text message or phone call the day before to confirm that you are well, and that no one in your household is exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19

- To limit the number of people in the practice we ask that where possible you attend your appointment alone. If a companion is necessary (for example with a child) it’s recommended that this is limited to one parent/carer.

- To limit the number of patients in the waiting area we ask that you arrive at the practice no longer than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time.

- On entering the practice, you will be invited to sanitise your hands with the hand gel provided.

Due to the nature of an eye examination our clinicians can not adhere to social distancing, for this reason they will be wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). We also ask that you attend wearing a face covering, in line with current public health guidance.

- To reduce physical contact our Optometrist may adapt the eye exam by doing different tests than normal and only conducting tests that are clinically necessary.

- We will be implementing a pre-booked appointment system for the collection of glasses. When we advise you that your glasses are ready for collection, we will book you an appointment for the collection and fitting of your spectacles.

We look forward to providing you will the same standard of eye care that you have been used to. If you have any questions at all about the new practice experience, then please do not hesitate to contact our team.